Por Juana Mendoza

PorJuanaMendoza (ForJuanaMendoza)
Textil Sculpture

— “ In mid-2018 I designed a 'pussy riot' style protest mask, which will show the case of a woman (Juana Mendoza) victim of feminicide.
With this mask I annulled my face, my identity, which serves as a blank canvas to enunciate (sewing, painting , embroidery) an event that permeated me in a significant way and that the press media in my country initially did not cover properly as it was considered irrelevant. I called ‘Por Juana Mendoza’. (To Juana Mendoza)..”
Text image 1: “state ineffectiveness in violence prevention”.
Text image 2: “the pain of a death will only be closed with justice”.

In the case of Juana Mendoza, woman murdered by abrasion appropriate legal figures should be applied and treated in this way, so judges and prosecutors are obliged to clearly and objectively admit that this is a murder of women throughout the law.
Feminicide In Latinoamérica it is a national crime when we are killed because of the collapse of the system and impunity.
text in both images: “we demand economic reparation for the children of the victims of feminicide”.

That gender violence is visible in the discourse of government authorities, agencies and media: Juana Mendoza is a victim of female murder by gender discrimination of male violence, her face is ours, we are all Juana Mendoza demanding justice.
We are murdered for gender reasons. Due to the lack of a decisive and forceful equality and education policy with a gender approach, a specialized judicial system and a public budget free from neoliberal economic constraints, the State cannot avoid this situation according to No. 30364. Law No. 1 and the National Plan to Combat Gender Violence 2016-2021, which covers women throughout the country.
Text image 1: “chauvinism kills”, “justice!”
Text image 2: “Male chauvinist terrorism” “Juana Mendoza victim of feminicide”

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“Por Juana Mendoza” is part of Cultural Heritage Collection of MAMI MUSEUM & was Published in Artistres Residency by WET Prod.

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