1989/ Lima, Perú.

María Lucianna Aguilar, known professionally as hijadelacoca, is a Peruvian artist that renders her unique artistic practice in textile sculptures which function as a critical response to imbalanced socio-political issues with an emphasis on exploring femininity. Influenced by Eva Hesse and Louise Bourgeois, Hija’s soft and feminine works of fibre, textiles, and embroidery transcend the constraints of materiality and act as powerful visual testimonies in response to power politics.
hijadelacoca is member of the feminist group collera Red. Since 2017 has a history of political activism as performance in public spaces.

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Hijadelacoca, Fiber & Visual Artist, trained at the Escuela Nacional Superior Autonóma de Bellas Artes del Perú (Lima). Winner of the Transhumanxs Workshop Grant at AULA, School of Photography, (Ecuador, 2020), and the OCUPAÇÃO WR#3 Residency Grant and Exhibition "Women sustain the pandemic>hijadelacoca" by BicaPlataforma (Brazil, 2022), Exhibition of "When Third World War Ended" part of "MyLoveisYourLove", Copeland Gallery of EverywomenBiennial (London, 2021), the video-art "I've always been a lonely person, but now that you're gone I feel lonely" for "La Mirada Cuir" at Grid Galeria, MAC (Panama, 2021). His publications include: Her photographs in Best of PhotoVogue (Italy, 2022). "By Juana Mendoza" and "The Embroidery of Censorship" in MAMI Musea, by Coding Rights.(2019), Exhibition of the textile book "Nymphs of MRKH" (2017), published in Artistres Residency by WET Prod.(London, 2021). Her particular practices of art, fiber and embroidery have allowed her to give workshops in and out of Peru. Since 2018 she is a member of the Collera Red Group.

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For information on available work please contact: work@hijadelacoca.com

For workshops contact: workshops@hijadelacoca.com