21 February - March, Current Embroidery Residency at Hotel Inminente with Constanza Ruibal > Curated by Cairo Elio,Córdoba, Argentina.


25 Sept. - 27 November, Art Residency Web Residência #03 at Bica Plataforma with Mediação > Bianca Bernardo, Brazil.

August 6, Art Project Male Drawing Studies Sponsored by NDYWF Art,NL.

19 July - 02 August, Residency Artistres_ Sponsored by WET Productions and Wet Dove Tail Gallery, London, United Kingdom.


5 April - 30 May, Group Exhibition Transhumanxs at Galería Paul Cézanne, Alianza Francesa Cuenca (Tadeo Torres 1-92 y Av. Solano), Cuenca, Ecuador.

15 - 30 April, Group Exhibition Crónicas de un Cuerpo Silenciado at Galería Físura, Barranco (Catalino Miranda 375), Lima, Perú.


25 March, Solo Exhibition Esculturas Textiles at Mambastarda Cultural Córdoba, Argentina.


15 December 2021 - 15 March 2022, Permanent Art Exhibition Women Sustain the Pandemic Part of Manda Fotos de Agora, Art Residency Sponsored by Bica Plataforma,Brazil.

December 15, Openning Web Occupancy, Web Residência #03 "Women sustain the pandemic > hijadelacoca" at Bica Plataforma.

2-9 July, “When Third World War Ended” part of
My Love is Your Love exhibition in Every Women Biennial at The Copeland Gallery,Unit 9I, Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN, United Kingdom.

July 1, London Opening Reception at The Copeland Gallery,Unit 9I, Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Rd, London, United Kingdom.

June - July, Temporal Art Exhibition"I've always been a lonely person, but now that you're gone I feel lonely" to Group Show "La Mirada" Cuir (queer) Edition at Grid Gallery, MAC Panamá (Museum of Contemporary Art), Panamá.

June, Permanent Art Exhibition "Por Juana Mendoza" and "Censored Embroidery" at M.A.M.I. Musea (Museum) , by Coding Rights.


March 15, Textil Sculptures at , Centro Cultural España Córdoba, CDB, Argentina. (11Hrs - Pacific Time).


September 14, Colisión : hijadelacoca, A Discussion about Textil Fiber Comtemporary Art, Processes and Techniques to students of EnsayosFotobordados Workshop, Ecuador. (19Hrs - Pacific Time).

June 11, Public Manifestation over Cultural Heritage ¿Art & Culture?, A Discussion with hijadelacoca & Yaré Colán at Patria y Nación Exhibition - Habitat at UCAL. (18Hrs - Pacific Time).

February 2 - 27, Rebel Little Girls Workshop at Collera Red, Lima PE