For more information about my art, here are some interviews / Press releases :

MAY ARTIST OF THE MONTH, HIJADELACOCA (May 2022) Interview by Danni Han to MADE IN BED Magazine by students from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London - New York.

WOMEN SUSTAIN THE PANDEMIC BY HIJADELACOCA (Febr 2022) Art Presented for Booooooom Magazine, Vancouver, Cánada.

HIJADELACOCA ON HOW CENSORDHIP AND BODIES INFORM HER ART (2022) Interview by Gabriela V. Everett to Mulberry Literary Magazine,Chicago, Il, Usa.

WOMEN SUSTAIN THE PANDEMIC, VOGUE PHOTO, ITALY (2022)Emerging Visual Artists & Creators of Vogue Italy & Photo Vogue,Italy.

MULBERRY LITERARY MAGAZINE - ISSUE II (2021) "La Rosa and Fósforos from Hidden Files" visual art by hijadelacoca, Chicago, Il, USA.

ART HOLE 14 - FEATURET ARTIST (July 2021) Selected Emerging Artists both National and International, Magazine, United Kingdom.

MORBO MAG (2020) Entrevista a V!chos , Lima Perú.